Last Shoots of the Season

National trap Shooting Day - September 11
Valleyfield Open - September 12

Championnat Canadien

Hello everyone,

The Canadian Championship is now over. This very unique edition of the championship was taking place simultaneously in a dozen clubs from Vancouver to St-John NL. The logistical challenges were considerable, but it allowed for the first time in many, many years to have 400 trap shooters meet and allow smaller clubs to host this prestigious event. Thank you to our host clubs for their exemplary work. Several of our shooters have distinguished themselves and I would like to mention their names.

  Victor Wade Preliminaries Singles Class D score of 97
  Marco Cannizzaro Preliminaries Handicap 4th place score of 97
  Saleh El Chartouni Preliminary Doubles Class B score of 96
  Ricky Egeileh Singles Championship Junior score of 185
  Sylvain Rossignol Singles Championship class AA score of 198
Runner-up Doubles Championship score of 97
  Serge Pelletier Handicap Championship 4th to 6th place score of 95
Lost in shoot-off

Thank you to all our shooters for participating considering the challenge that awaited them and sometimes even greater with penalties for some. I am proud of you. Note that on Friday there were only 5 trophies per event for 250-300 shooters and on Saturday 21 trophies for 400 shooters. Competition is above all about personal achievement and not just medals. In interviews at the Olympics, we heard from several athletes how proud they were to have improved their personal performance even though they were miles from the podium (sometimes literally).

In recent years, your association has taken a turn to better assess shooters and put them in the class that best reflects their ability. Just like karate, for example, where your progress is based on your mastery of techniques and not on the trophies won in competitions. For various reasons (knowledge of classification, mastery of tournament software, etc.), the Canadian championship sometimes showed noticeable inconsistencies in the processing of classification. This causes damage to our sport, to the volunteers who classify but also to the shooters who benefit from it and obviously to those who do not win a trophy.

This subject was discussed with the other delegates of the CTA and I will keep you informed of the progress of the file. Don't forget the Coupe Québec in 2 weeks at L’Acadie (August 21-22). No penalties for this competition. A catering service will also be available (the one that was in Valleyfield). It will also be possible to pay your tournament registration with a debit or credit card.

Godefroy A Cardinal